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  • Unspoiled nodes
    • All SB & HW nodes
    • Important ARR nodes
  • Red/Yellow Scrips
    • All Jobs
    • Turn In
    • Shop
  • Ephemeral nodes
  • Fishing
    • Rare & Big Fish
    • Ephemeral fish
    • Spearfishing
  • Housing
    • Garden
    • Retainer
    • Chocobo
  • Normal nodes
    • All HW nodes
    • Important ARR nodes


After your purchase, download the appropriate zip from my Discord if you havn't received it by email, unblock it and extract it into RB/Plugins/

You will also need my latest ExBuddy version, you can found a link and a guide to install it properly in my Discord channel.

It should end up looking like this:

  • Rebornbuddy/Plugins/Mew
  • Rebornbuddy/Plugins/ExBuddy